April 21, 2004

well, im done. with exams that is. 3 today and theyre over. man, im happy.

and a very happy 21st to anita bebe and my darling syddie. celebrating the 21st on the 21st. i know how you do...

ill be home oh so soon. dont fret, kids.

April 19, 2004

here it goes. the last week. steph, michael and i just signed up to read in the 48-hour don quijote marathon at el circulo de las bellas artes (fine arts center). were reading after midnight on thursday. its a big thing. the president reads, and other spanish personalities (like pedro almodovar). should be an experience. well only read a few lines, which is probably best, considering were not spanish.

this week might have to do some real work and studying. ive got a couple of projects due and 3 exams on wednesday. shouldnt be too hard with a bit of a review. thursday night is our final dinner with all of our professors, and after that ill read some quijote. saturday i might do a mountain hike with my intercambio, jaime. i leave monday night.

then im back.

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