September 20, 2003

maybe it's because this is my third year in college. maybe i actually enjoy the satisfaction gained from getting some work done. maybe it's because i'm just a nerd. for whatever reason, friday nights just aren't the same as they used to be. it seems like, when i first got to college, friday nights were what i lived through the week for. because i was inevitably going to do something fun on a friday night (that didn't involve studying). but now, i don't feel that way at all. i could've easily done something more "fun" than read and study tonight, but i didn't really have a desire to. this is a new concept for me. and i want to get up early to get some more work done, too. someone stop the madness.

started reading cider house rules for my english class. it's really good so far.

i don't have anything big planned for tomorrow night, other than the triathlon (yes, that is how it's spelled...phonics don't always work...), if i still decide to go. sunday and fellowship at the barn sunday night.

since i don't do kazaa no mo, i like

the band number one fan reminds me of mae...
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