September 16, 2003 go to sinfonia, or not to go...

i was walking back to the dorm from watkins last night at around 12ish. and i had the most wonderful conversation. it made me smile. and i came to terms with some things. and i relized some things and am extremely happy about some decisions. (ha's that for ambiguity?) i was reading in watkins and i didn't even realize it had gotten that late. i had truly forgotten just how nice it is to get lost in a novel for hours.

i'm an important person now. i'm a senator at sga. but that just means that i have to go to meetings and sit at sign-up tables and be on committees. oh, and i have to be the voice of the people in my dorm. i'm glad. i wanted to get more involved, and it's high time some new faces were seen in leadership positions. next step: the white house.

2:30-3:30 taebo in galloway
4:30-5:30 women's chorale
6-7 sinfonia (?)
7 or 8 soccer game

look at me, i'm so involved.
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