September 18, 2003

looks as if i've neglected the blog. doh. my life got busy, and i like it that way. tomorrow's friday again. it's been nearly 3 weeks of this already. but it's just getting busy.

"when you think about it, a band is just an agreement among people to make music together. an agreement is only a thing. a band can’t be a Christian. a person can. as people, we are. as a band, we’re just a band...we promote listening to good music. and, personally, i discourage listening to only Christian(?) music. sure there’s music out there that’s devoid of any redemptive value. but many Christians, instead of learning to discern and distinguish, want the easy checklist. 'as long as i only listen to Christian music, i know i’m okay.' but that thinking only encourages you to stay in your corner where it’s safe instead of interacting with or understanding culture. how can you affect a culture you’re ignoring? How can you connect with people you’re hiding from?"
- david adedokun (frontman for courage riley - read more here)

there's something going down in the hangar tonight. think i might check it out after bible study, depending on where i stand with completion of work. i'm really excited about bible study tonight, so i think i'll read a chapter in the book right now.
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