September 16, 2003

hm...almost every erskinite on my list is away...i wonder how many of them just have away messages up but are really sitting at their computers. i wonder...

my legs are in pain. taebo today was killer (i think melanie is having us do the advanced tape). and then tonight we had a soccer game and i played almost the whole time. at the end, all of us girls got to be on the field at the same time. man, we should do that more often. and i really need a shower.

what have i done? i've joined sinfonia again. but i'm not officially signed up. but i also gave dr emmons my word that i'd make it to every rehearsal i could (other than the shakespeare dress rehearsals and such). he had told jesse he wouldn't take me back, but dr emmons likes me, so he did. i have to play 4th flute, which kind of stinks, but i don't mind. i hope laura and i can do some sort of duet for colonial christmas. that would be sweet. the good thing about 4th chair is i get to sit by sb. yay! and we can heckle together.

man, we need to have our teenage mutant ninja turtles II viewing soon, eh? how's about tomorrow? anyone up for it? (ben, come on, i know you're the most excited about it.)

man, i haven't done any homework yet. but i've pretty much been occupied all day. so i don't feel guilty. i need to get a shower right now, though. then it's on to shakespeare questions and a focus paper. adios.
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