September 14, 2003

erskine's taking a group on the ruf (reformed university fellowship) retreat up at greystone camp in asheville. heard about it at fellowship last sunday, but didn't think i'd go bc it's kind of expensive. then mom and dad emailed me and said they'd pay for it. i'm still not sure. so, it'd be great if you could pray for guidance about that. among other things...


hung out with the guys tonight (luke and jesse). saw matchstick men, which will not go down as a bethy's favorite. however, nick cage was incredible in it. and i got some ben and jerry's ice cream and doritos at the pantry. the hangar wasn't bumping when we got there, so we left. and watched the emperor's new groove, which always makes me laugh (much like jesse trying to figure out our chair).

and now it's nearly time for bed, children.
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