September 15, 2003

steph can't believe i'm her roommate. thanks, stupid, i feel wanted. it got hotter outside today than i had assumed it would. gotta stop assuming stuff. looks like i won't be going to the need to breathe and florez concert on sat, the 27. i signed up for the ruf retreat. the topic is "following jesus". i think it'll do me good. hm. yep.

java city is open now, but that means that i have no reason to escape to the greenwood coffeshop. because we've got our own. i'm sure i'll run up my snapper's account buying mochas.

my brand new cd came in the mail today (brand new is the name of the band, kids). it is good. a little less indie than their other album, which is odd. but i like-a-it. oh and i'm so stoked about the mae and soco show. i gotta go.

be right back, got a conference...

ok. i can't buy like any more clothes till spain. i should resolve to. and i should limit cds. but that's harder. and before i go i still want an mp3 player and a camera. and maybe a hat.

gotta go get a cookie.
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