September 04, 2003

i'm a dirty rotten liar.

in sixth grade, we had an end-of-the-year-dance after our "graduation ceremony" in the gym. (my elementary school went from preschool to 6th.) now, this dance was the big leagues, man. no parents. and everyone bought new clothes and stuff. like prom for the little ones. there was this guy in my grade named bj. he wasn't the best-looking fella in the 6th grade. at all. but, nevertheless, he proceded to ask nearly every girl in the 6th grade to be his date for the dance, even the unattainable girls who had a wardrobe stocked with matching limited too outfits. he asked all my friends, but must have over-looked me (i'm sure of it). but when all of my friends were talking about it, i chimed in: "yeah. yeah, bj asked me to the dance too. but i said no." that's right. i lied because even the ugly kid didn't ask me to the dance. which means i must have been either the ugly girl or geeky girl. my theory is that i was a nice blend of both. i had about 2 matching limited too outfits. so i lied. and i didn't dance with anyone at the dance. even though i had a new outfit. a black and gray checkered jumper over a black shirt. i remember it so vividly. me and my wallflower self in my checkered jumper...

i had to get this off of my chest to the world after enlightening steph about my dishonest past.

that's the third post for tonight. hope this gives you readers some entertainment.
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