September 04, 2003

i found this amusing while i was browsing through profiles at

Here's a poem for you, my sweet.

Y'all sissies at M-O-C, stand tall, step up, make that kissy face, state your case, laced with emo tact, so I can smack you back in place. Fact is, white belts, white lines, and white lies says your size is diet, hair's a riot, and you like your rock quiet

It's the look, the homogenous look you took from the fashionably conscious. The Buddy Holly, Thunders Johnny, all done ironically by the book with a Weezer twist, Modest Mouse lisp, and a greasy cyst named Chris, the emo Barney professional leading a swarmy sing-a-long about hair, this crap is everywhere and that strained stare. Yo I heard he sliced up with your lil sister on the tour bus in Duluth, he's sayin "better come get her"

Don't start, there's a bullseye I wear if you wanna mark it. Be warned, I'm target elusive, one miss and I swear I get abusive

...and then, the guy whose profile that was on had a link to his website, but when you go to it, your speakers scream "hey everybody! i'm looking at gay porn!!!" it was quite hilarious. and actually, his description is pretty good for moc...

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