September 04, 2003

tuesdays and thursdays this semester are going to be longer than they've ever been...on top of 4 classes (and, most likely, convo, i always have a nice little pile of dr. little homework awaiting me in my room. and you can't just bs shakespeare, you know. or at least, i can't. i'd feel guilty if i didn't at least make an attempt to read and comprehend the assignment. maybe i should start spreading my shakespeare homework over the whole week.

oh, crap, i just realized i forgot to meet melanie at 8 to talk about bible study. oops. steph and i were deep in spanish conversation, as it was spanish hour in our room. ah, well, i'll have to email her. i hate forgetting things.

carlos took a picture for me while he was on the camino aragonés this summer (same thing as the camino de santiago...we took the camino francés...just different routes). anyway, all over spain, houses will have tile signs on the outside of them. so, he took a picture of one that says "casa isabel". (isabel is my name in spanish.)...send me on a plane tomorrow...

i just had a great conversation...thanks, tab!
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