September 01, 2003

guess shwhat??????? my internet's working now. thanks, lucas.

today is labor day. but that doesn't matter to erskine college. it was also the first day of classes. thankfully, my first class didn't start till 10. shakespeare with dr. little. my 12 o'clock doesn't meet till tomorrow. and then i had spanish-american civ at 1:30. not a bad day at all. and i'm excited about the books i get to read for my contemporary american novel class (12 o'clock). it'll be a lot of reading this semester, but it's cool. i can't wait to get into the swing of things.

ok, gonna go play nintendo with the fellas.

TorchSongHero: you get it now chumslut. ( response to my roommate throwing fruitsnacks at my head.)
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