August 18, 2003

steph and i hung out last night. it's about time we had some roommate togetherness time. her parents didn't know i was coming, but they fed me anyway. i love the pearls. steph forced me to watch the cheetah girls again, after i had already suffered through it on friday. it was bad, except for the sweet performance by sonic chaos. right, steph?

i was going to hang out with my grandmother today, but she's not feeling well, so looks like plans have changed. i'm going to finished organizing my guitar notebook and toss the tablatures i don't want. then i'm going to play said guitar. then i might go to ross just for the heck of it. i don't really know, and it doesn't really matter. i've got all the time in the world.

oh, i have a birthday gift or two to buy. that'll occupy my time alright.
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