August 23, 2003

mom and i just watched the pianist. and it was quite moving. my type of movie: very evocative. it was real. no extra fluff of pizazz. so, i highly recommend it.

winthrop was fun times. the apartment was sweet. and made me realize how not ready i am to have an apartment. and it also made me realize how much i can't wait to move back to erskine. 1 week, baby.

but first, i have some stuff to get done. oil change and eye appointment are at the top of the list. that means i get new glasses. tight. and i'm going shopping with nana this week.

i'm going to try to make it to the jump show this friday. not only to see jump, but to see the working title, which i missed at new brookland last time. did i tell you that the mae cd that i purchased is wonderful? similar to jimmy eat world. ish. tonight is confederate fagg's final show at new brookland, but i declined. i've never seen them, and i've been told they're hilarious. but i'm way too tired. besides, i was spending quality time with mom.

"and when you fall, i'll be around
i'll be the mayor of your town
and when waiting for the lights to go
i'll be that song on your radio
and when you're reaching for the light
i'll be your infinite night
and when they come to swallow you
i'll be the water to wash you through"
- leona naess
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