August 17, 2003

today wasn't extremely productive, other than ripping up the seams in a pair of jeans so i can make a skirt. and i made it to new brookland tonight. i saw senses fail, and liked them. then my chemical romance came on. i wasn't really that impressed. they were kind of annoying, as were their fans. and i was sweating up a storm, so i decided to jet. i missed midtown, but, oh well.

guess what? manifest does not carry the mae cd. what the heck. i was not a happy camper. instead i bought the new dashboard confessional cd. chris carrabba writes some pretty sappy stuff. but he also writes great lyrics and simple, but intriguing progressions. that's what i'd aspire to as a songwriter, so i like his stuff. mayhap i'll order the mae cd online.

and i got a huge (pronounced "heouge") cd case and reorganized my cds. again. turns out i acquired more this summer than i thought i had. sweet.

i'm gonna scrounge around at nana's house tomorrow for some material to sew my skirt up with. i'm excited. maybe i can keep making my own clothing. that's productive, eh?

night, all.
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