August 22, 2003

i hung out at nana's house for about 3.5 hours. and next week we're going shopping together. sweet.

tonight i spent some quality time with josh f., justin, anita, and gabrielle. we ate at miyo's in columbia and then went back to justin's apartment to watch swingers, which was cool. and then we ended up watching the care bear movie too. good times, good times. and it's really funny in spanish too. ("la tierra del amor" carole king) afterward, we went for frosties and enjoyed them on the horseshoe. all around, a great night. too bad i have to get up early tomorrow to take the brother to work. but i'll probably just go back to bed when i get home.

oh oh cd, hostel book, and pictures came today. i am so thrilled. the cd's right up my alley. i really want to see mae live again.

if anyone from camp ever reads this, i think you'll appreciate this:

Who Will You Marry? by Sari
DateJuly 14, 2051
SpousePaul Walker
Price of Wedding$938,322
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

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