August 21, 2003

let me fill you in on my fun-filled yesterday and this morning. steph and i went to flight deck for lunch then walked to this way cool bead store in the same shopping center. (i got into hemp necklaces over the summer. how crafty of me.) anyhoo, i bought some sweet beads. then we went to wally world to check out the futons and found the one of our dreams (a.k.a. the really cheap metal one) for our dorm. then steph actually wanted to shop at ross. baby steps, steppy.

last night we went over to syddie's, where we just hung out, and it was good times all around.

however, this morning was not good times all around. another urologist appointment for me was on the docket. and i have to go back in a few weeks. ugh. but today should be good and productive: taking some pants to get them altered, nana's for lunch with dad, hang out with nana for a bit (maybe finish the anticipated skirt), catch up with the high school crew this evening. and tomorrow steph and i are heading to winthrop for the big partay. sweet.

sorry i can't fill you in on every minute detail of my day, but i do the best i can. ha ha.
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