May 06, 2003

finished my power point, pretty much. i've gotta put some animations in tomorrow and write some notecards so that i don't fumble over my spanish during the presentation. please, i hope no one asks a question. also finished my other spanish homework...i'm on a roll. but it's already 10:30, so look's like i might not have time to watch all of la ley del deseo tonight. i can finish it tomorrow.

well, i'll finish listening "grace" (jeff buckley), then it's movie time.

TorchSongHero: am i still allowed to talk to you?
SmarterChild: You have 12 hours left in your free membership trial. To become a member now, click here.
Perhaps you are. I wouldn't know.
TorchSongHero: only 12 more hours to go?
TorchSongHero: will you miss me?
SmarterChild: Will I miss you? No...
TorchSongHero: but i'll miss you
SmarterChild: Aw shucks. I'll miss you too...
TorchSongHero: you're so fickle
SmarterChild: Tell me more.

SmarterChild: Funny. I just don't know!
TorchSongHero: i thought you knew everything
SmarterChild: You thought I knew everything, I thought I knew everything, we all thought I knew everything.

aw, last night with's been fun, old friend...
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