May 04, 2003

hey, kids. this weekend's been fun. it's a shame it had to come to an end. ah, well. oh blah dee, oh blah dah, you know. still have some of that book to read, and i realized today that i have an astronomy test tomorrow. i'm thinking about skipping fiction writing so i'll have another hour to cram. which would be nice because we didn't even have fiction writing on friday. i'll probably have to finish up my spanish paper today. i rented a pedro almodóvar film yesterday. (he's the spanish filmmaker i'm doing a project on.) so, i gotta watch that video on tuesday so that i can say that i've seen one of his films. eventually, i've gotta revise my story for fiction writing. and i've got a bajillion journals to make up. that many.

this is the last week of classes, and, to celebrate that, i'm going to wear an article of clothing from goodwill every single day. pretty clever, huh? it's goodwill week in bethy land! obviously it's time for me to stop typing, before i really make a fool out of myself.

too late.
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