May 06, 2003

this week i'm judging my music moods by what i'm wearing. ok, i'm weird. well, makes me happy. yesterday i was wearing a t-shirt and cropped cargos, so i listened to some saves the day and a little something corporate. today i'm wearing a flowy skirt with little red flowers on it, a white top and a denim jacket. definitely listening to jimmy eat world (the older stuff - clarity). this outfit might even call for a little tori amos and mayhap some coldplay later on. i'll keep you posted. and if you think i'm strange and can't handle that, then stop reading my blog, please.

at convo today i didn't get the english scholarship i was expecting. i got some award that's given to history, english and modern language majors. i received an award in both english and modern languages, so that was a nice surprise.

i'm thinking maybe tonight is a coffee shop night...

on to power point!
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