May 09, 2003

yay! spanish paper is finished and being printed at this very moment. steph tells me i'm going to turn orange because i'm eating cheese doodles and drinking orange soda (the non-fanta-like soda, unfortunately). but i say she needs to stop discriminating against us orangies. don't hate. she suggested we stay up all night tonight because we haven't yet this semester. i say that's craaaaaaaaaaaaazy cause we both have exams on saturday night to study for, and we can't be sleeping tomorrow when we could be studying. i don't get my free hour tomorrow because i have to return a video in greenwood during it. that stinks. my roommate's the best because she's writing one of my journal entries for me.

oh, hey, if anyone knows of any good books which present arguments about both creationism and evolutionism (not necessarily by a christian author), let me know. i want to read about that this summer, along with les miserables. and i'm thinking about re-reading some others like a tale of two cities or fight club. we'll see what i'm in the mood for. i know i'm in the reading mood, though.

actually, right now i'm in the sleeping mood. so, let me finish up a journal or two before i hit the sack, hard. peace.
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