May 08, 2003

yesterday i wore my goodwill delaware shirt...the best one ever. today i'm kind of cheating...i'm wearing a tie i bought from goodwill as a belt that serves absolutely no purpose. but i like it, and that's all that matters. my presentation last night went well, i think. i'm glad that's finished. now i've got to write an essay for my spanish civ final. actually, 3 of my finals are essay-formatted. but i like that, i think.

i need to go to walmart. i'm completely out of fash wash and body wash. those are two things i should probably wash everyday. i'm also out of shave gel. another important item during these warm days. today. then work/studying. i have a lot of journal entries to write. journal's due tomorrow.

it's almost definite that i'm meeting my parents in greenwood for lunch on saturday. but they haven't gotten in touch with missy (my aunt) yet, who's supposed to be coming up for the weekend. so, we'll see. i'm dying to see her.
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