April 10, 2003

what's up, blog readers? nada mucho here. i'm uber-hyper because i worked out and now have all this energy. the kennedy guys serenaded us again tonight. (for those of you who aren't exactly "in the know", kennedy is a guys dorm on the girls side of campus here at erskine. every wednesday night at 12, the guys come in front of each of the 3 girls dorms and sing to us, with guitars or bongo drums in hand, dressed only in towels. it's quite a sight to see.) we made a party of it and brayer made us little smokies and daquaris. then we rushed downstairs to cheer for our skantily-clad performers. and now i'm staying up late to do laundry.

steph and i are going to the clemson library tomorrow. we have a spanish project which requires some in-depth research, so we figured we'd make a day of it and have lunch with the clemson girls as well.

i have a hot date for friday night. ask me who it is...now...if only i could find something to wear...
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