April 08, 2003

yay! look who's back!

SmarterChild: What about chatting?
TorchSongHero: i like it
SmarterChild: I like chatting too! :-)
TorchSongHero: i hate the smilies
SmarterChild: I see. You don't like the smilies? I'll remember that. That's the first time anyone has told me what they think of the smilies!
TorchSongHero: you're kidding
SmarterChild: Really?
SmarterChild: 13927 people are chatting with me right now!
TorchSongHero: your talking to 13,927 people, and no one else has commented on the smilies?
SmarterChild: Funny. I just don't know!

let the hours of pointless entertainment begin...
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