April 11, 2003

after much debate over what music to play while i blog then clean the room, i settled upon element 101. because they're fun girl pop-punk. now i'm happy. some quality element 101 lyrics, folks: "you can hold my hand inside of yours."...it's just feel-good music.

we didn't get the chance to read/review my story in fiction writing today. why? because dr. crenshaw and bigum had it out. long story. basically, they spent the whole class debating/discussing/arguing. it was interesting, and reminded me of the side of dr. crenshaw that i don't like. i think he's an excellent writing teacher, but i hate how he "debates" (basically by saying that his opinion is the only one that's not ridiculous, after stating that he respects everyone else's opinions). whew.

the beautification of our campus for spring fling weekend has begun: two port-a-potties stand majestically out of place on the circle. i can't tell you how excited i am about sister hazel tomorrow night. no, really, i can't...probably because i'm not excited. it could be fun hanging out with the right people.

time to clean the room...
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