April 06, 2003

back from an exciting and scandalous weekend at clemson. not really scandalous, except for the conversation we girls indulged ourselves in after the guys left last night.

saw a craptacular movie friday night: view from the top. and i'm ashamed to say that it was my suggestion. but i wasn't the only one who wanted to see it after seeing the funny part in the preview. in fact, pretty much everything i spent my money on this weekend (and one thing justin spent his money on for me) wasn't worth it.

1. fish-flavored mexican pizza at taco bell (justin's money)
2. terrible movie
3. hair dye to cover up bad highlighting idea (partly worth it: it did cover up the highlights that went horribly wrong)
4. a not-worth-it meal at ruby tuesday's
5. bad salad at wendy's

not doing so well with my money lately.

saturday on bowman field was great: played a little football, lost a little ultimate frisbee, committed a few hate crimes. wait, scratch that last one. church today was great, too. i would have to say that the highlight (no pun intended) of the weekend was the fun game and scandalous stories of saturday night. good times.

kinda stinks now because i feel really sick. think i might be getting a sinus infection or something. oh, well...on to homework.
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