April 10, 2003

CrimsonColorEye: i think luke tried to call me today. there was a message on my machine, but my machine's messed up and makes everything distorted like a bad connection, but it kinda sounded like luke
TorchSongHero: maybe that's just how he really sounds
TorchSongHero: those spanish have done something to him, doggone it!
CrimsonColorEye: haha
CrimsonColorEye: i wonder if it was important though
CrimsonColorEye: i sure do hope not
TorchSongHero: hope he's not trapped under something heavy or anything and you were his only hope
CrimsonColorEye: that would suck
CrimsonColorEye: i hope i wasnt his only hope
CrimsonColorEye: that would be kinda sucky for me
CrimsonColorEye: all helpless and all
CrimsonColorEye: i'd be like, "push harder"
CrimsonColorEye: or, "call for help"
TorchSongHero: yes...and you'd have the guilt all over your hands
CrimsonColorEye: and then he'd be like, "I called you"
TorchSongHero: and you'd live in miserable guilt forever
CrimsonColorEye: and i'd be like, "but i'm in america"
TorchSongHero: and then he'd be like "croak"
CrimsonColorEye: and then i'd cry
CrimsonColorEye: that would suck so bad
CrimsonColorEye: i hope he's not under something heavy, dead right now
TorchSongHero: it would suck more than most things
TorchSongHero: i'll blame you if he is

luke's returning in less than a few weeks!
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