April 03, 2003

it's another skirt day. so beautiful outside, i just had to wear a skirt. maybe i'll wear another one tomorrow, weather permitting.

it's been a nice day. got up, worked out and watched some more dawson's creek (i am not addicted), went to convo, went to a-town with corey and jesse, ate at taco bell, went to goodwill, walmart, back to school, worked on some homework. it's just about time for women's chorale, quick easy-mac dinner in the dorm, sinfonia, choraleers concert. whew. then back to the room for more work. that's got to be one of the most boring things i've blogged. but, according to "a fan" in my guestbook, he just can't survive without knowing all the minutae of my life. understandable.

women's chorale...later, cats.
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