April 04, 2003

i really like #8 on the used's cd. "blue and yellow". yeah, i do like the used. and i really wish i could've gone with tim and peter to see them play at usc (if tim and peter went...i assume they did).

and i like these lyrics...they're fun:
what's going on?
what's up with all our friends?
let's start a rumor
just to find out where it ends
cause a small town is like a small stage
for teenagers and their drama
instead of playing shows, we'll be showing plays
like 90210 without the beverly hills

- relient k - "hoopes i did it again" (ironically, also #8 on their new album...)

it's about to be clemson weekend. we're going there sometime tonight. i should be getting work done right now so i don't have to cram it all into sunday evening. that's just no good. i think we're going to frankie's fun park tonight with a bunch of erskinites, as long as most everyone's cool with it.

man, i made a mess this morning...such a goof. i dropped my fiction writing notebook and everything fell out of it. everything. you know how annoying it's going to be to put back together?

i'm pretty excited about this new story i'm writing, potentially for the free times contest. either way, i'm having fun writing it. maybe i'll let you read it when it's done.

oh, another song i like mucho: feeling left out's "unspoken word". it's an apostrophe to an aborted child. good song.
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