April 03, 2003

just call steph and i the adventurousome duo. that's right. why, you may ask?

(*some names have been changed to protect the very, very guilty...or at least to protect those who have been effected by the erskine rumor mill.)

i'm sitting at my computer (where i spend approximately 88.2% of my dorm life), innocently ordering a rosebud cd online. steph is studying restlessly in her loft above me. (for those of you who don't know, my computer resides underneath steph's bed.) clearly exasperated by her work, she says "let's go on the roof."
there is a pause (for dramatic effect) as i allow her statement to sink in. "excuse me?" i say, in a clear state of confusion.
"let's go up on the roof."
"the roof?"
"yeah, the roof."
now, readers, you must understand something here. my roommate, wonderful as she is, just doesn't normally suggest ridiculous stunts such as climing on the robinson dorm roof. in fact, she doesn't talk much at all. she's practically mute. i usually have to drag a conversation out of her. (a bit of a hyperbole on my part...sorry.)
"how are we going to get on the roof?" i'm still confused at her suggestion.
"i hear there's a ladder in the third floor stairwell."
"so, let's go up on the roof."
"right now?"
"...yeah. do you have a flashlight?" she asks as she descends the loft eagerly, "we might need one."
"actually, i think i do." i pull a small maglite out of my backpack. (i'm not quite sure why it was there...maybe for astronomy lab.)
"ok, let's go."
we walk down the hall, both giggling like giddy schoolgirls. (wait...we are giddy schoolgirls...right.) once we make it to the third floor, "wait." steph glances down the hall to make sure the coast is clear. "ok, go ahead." i ascend the ladder and open the small hatch leading to the attic. my line of sight rises above the attic floor, which is covered in pink insulation. for a split second, i am tempted to frolic through the pink fluff as if they are clouds and i'm a carefree carebear. i quickly snap back to reality. (now you see how my twisted mind works.) there's another ladder positioned just in front of the trapdoor to the attic. steph joins me in the attic and i ascend the next ladder to the trapdoor which opens onto the roof. as steph holds the light, i fiddle with the latch, which is held together by a piece of thick wire. we're happy to see the the wire bends pretty easily, but one corner of the trapdoor seems to be stuck or sealed.
"we need a crowbar," steph suggests, knowing that there's not one readily available. nice, steph. real nice. we realize we must use our keen resourcefullness.
"do you see a board or piece of wood or somethign lying around?" i ask, hopefully.
"yeah, actually," she shines the light on a long, conveniently curved board and grasps it adeptly.
i take the board from her and carefully wedge it in the door. "how'd you find out about this anyway?" i ask.
"well, i think blaire's* been up here before and rory* used to come up here to drink beers, i've heard."
"oh." just then i manage to break the wedged corner free, and a rush of cool air washes through the steam-bath of an attic. i push the door over, and it crashes loudly on the shingles of the roof. oops. hope no one heard that. i slowly crawl onto the roof, which is steeper than expected, and hope that no one on the circle sees us. who would be looking on the roof anyway? steph joins me. she's wearing a skirt and flip-flops. poor attire planning on her part for roof climbing activities. guess she didn't get the memo. we both crab-walk around to the back of the building so that we're not in view of the little people walking about around the circle. then we proceed to crab-walk to the peak of the roof.
"we're above the trees up here," steph observes, rolling onto her stomach and relaxing while grasping to the roof for dear life.
"yeah, look at all the stars." we look at the sky for maybe 30 seconds before we decide we're both scared crapless that we might just slide off the roof at any moment. we agree it's time to go in. crab-walking down the steep incline, we notice that a few people are standing on the sidewalk below us. we become suspicious. they aren't looking up at the roof, but we suppose that they may have spotted us and are about to run to the nearest authority to make sure we're given notices. they're just standing there, casually, to make us sweat. we make our way toward the trapdoor as the people walk off. maybe they've let us off the hook. steph climbs in first, and i follow. we climb down both ladders and return safely to our dorm room. thus ends our adventure on the roof of robinson dorm.

and that, my friends, is why you should call us the adventursome duo.

(dedicated to mr. justin coates, who inspires me in my blogging endeavors)
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