April 01, 2003

if you haven't seen the new johnny cash video (cover of nin's "hurt"), you should. (thanks, justin.) for me, music videos have always been insightful--whether into the mind of the producer or musician, or into the meaning of the song or whatnot. johnny cash's cover of "hurt" is extremely evocative, and the video does it justice, i think.

favorite music videos right now:
johnny cash - "hurt" (nin)
red hot chili peppers - "can't stop"

ok, so there was definitely a dawson's creek marathon on while i was in the workout room this morning. and you, my faithful few readers, know that dawson's used to be (and still is) my vice. so, when i got back to the room i turned it on while i was getting ready. some of the very first episodes. exciting stuff.
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