April 01, 2003

well, folks, it has returned...at least for a day. most of you may remember the oh-so-successful "daily poll" that steph and i posted each day for a nice little stint last year. many actually complained when we stopped posting it. we just got tired of thinking of questions, really. i thought, for a nice surprise, that i would bring it back. don't get too excited, this probably won't be a permanent thing. but, here it is:

bi-tri-sorta annual poll: for 1 billion dollars would you walk into your cafeteria and take off all of your clothes? for 1 million? $100,000? $1,000? $100?? why or why not? (note: you would not have to stand naked for a prescribed amount of time.)

LunaMayonaise617: i'd do it for 100 as long as i didn't get arrested because my anal virgininty is priceless.
CrimsonColorEye: For one billion dollars, I would walk into the cafeteria, take off my clothes, and get up on every table and do a table dance. Then I would procede to go into the back of the cafeteria and put my member in the cassarole of the day. For one million dollars, I would probably do everything but the cassarole. For one hundred thousand, I'd just take the clothes off. For one thousand, I'd take them off, but not for long. For one hundred, thats just not enough money for public nudity. It would cost more then that to bail me out of jail. Maybe if I could use a sock for one hundred....
screwtape617: i would shamelessly take my clothes off for a billion dollars, shamelessly because i am all man, and without hesitation because i know how much money a billion dollars is. i think that this question is a good determing factor toward rational thought, if someone turns down a billion dollars just because they won't be naked for a second, they are not thinking rationally. you came into this world naked, you leave naked, why not make a BILLION dollars naked? thats what i say.
Tphan220: i would do it for 1 billion and 1 million because even though i dont like naked, it would only be for a second. i would not do it for 1000 or 100 because it wouldnt take that long to earn that money in a respectable way. drug dealing for instance.
GnosticinAncient: for a billion dollars? shoot, i'd go to all my classes in the buff for that! I know, i know, money isn't everything..... But that much money's close :-)
pursefanatic18: i don't think that i would. i'm not up for facing the years of ridicule that would follow.
TorchSongHero: i'd do it for no less that $2,000. well, for $1,000, i'd think about it long and hard. then i might go ahead and do it, because i'm poor. think about it kids. just think. ridicule, schmidicule. besides, if you get a billion dollars for it, i doubt anyone'd be ridiculing you. i think they'd be pretending to be your friend just because you would be a billionaire. and they'd want a piece, the dirty shmucks.
amillioneyes: i'd do it for a million.
SShoger82: there are some things money just can't buy - and dignity is one of them!
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