August 26, 2004

well, i was going to stick a photo in here, just for fun (isn't it more fun when posts start with pictures?), but photobucket made it so flippin huge. i don't feel like messing with the size right now, so no photo.

this week's just speeding along. and i'm glad for that. monday and tuesday i had zero stuff to do at work, other than the normal receptionist duties. yesterday, everyone and his brother asked me to do something or another. but it was easy stuff. i got to take notes in a meeting again. that's important, yes it is. today some coworkers are taking me out to lunch again. we're going to fatz...yay!

so, trivia night next week should be big, right? i sure hope so.

looks like tonight i might be going to see further seems forever, brandston, and the kicks at headliners. sounds like fun.

i don't understand olympic diving so much. gymnastics; you can pretty much tell when someone screws up. the dives always look incredible to me, and then someone goes and gets a crappy score. do the judges watch the slow motion replays before they give their scores? obviously, they know what to look for, but the dives are just so fast, that it seems like it would be hard to tell. i thought i liked watching diving, but after a while, it gets a little old.

u.s.a. men's volleyball, on the other hand: what an incredible match last night with greece. i love volleyball.

looks like i'll be moving in on sunday after all. but that's ok. i think i'll start packing tomorrow. it really shouldn't take that long. hey, does anyone know the best method for putting picture frames up on the blasted dorm walls? hammer and nail? those walls are tough as mess, but i want to hang my blown-up europe photos because they'll add some class to the dorm.
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