August 23, 2004

detox week.

ok, not exactly full-on detox. (i was checking out some articles online about it, and people go for weeks on juice diets...somehow that just doesn't seem so bright.) so, i'm just cutting out coffee, sodas, and tea for a while. and junk food. we'll see how long this lasts, shall we?

i didn't do much at all this weekend, but that's what was good about it. besides, next weekend'll be big, what with moving in and all. i don't even remember what times my classes are. i know i get to get up mwf for an 8am because i'm doing easy spanish class s.i., but that'll be fun. and i have an acting class in the afternoons at some weird hour with doc christie, but maybe that'll give me an edge for the lead role i'll be auditioning for.

are there any good movies out this weekend? i think dad and i are going to go on a dinner-and-a-movie-date.

I could never give up tea. I'm definitely addicted to it. Oh, and Alyssa will be in that acting class with you. Yes, it is at an absurd time. Good luck moving in :) I'm about to start packing up stuff.
Hmm. I will NOT sign up for Blogger, which it apparently demands that I do in order for my name to appear. But this is from Matt. G? Perhaps you've heard of me? Suspect Zero looks interesting, if a no-brainer. Just a thought. Of course, there's always Baby Geniuses 2.
I like the lava lamp, it makes me happy. But it takes a long time to start working, stupid lava. Why does it have to be hot.
Way to go, jumping off the leaky xanga ship.
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