August 24, 2004

that's right. i've finally finished. i've been there and back again (see map) with the shire folk and the others. i must say, i really enjoyed reading the lord of the rings, and am nearly sad to see it end. now, i can watch the 3rd and final dvd again. and i'll continue reading owen meany.
i wonder if steph wants to move back to erskine on saturday instead of sunday. that'd be nice.
and matt, thanks for the suggestion, dad and i are thrilled about going to see baby geniuses 2. i kid i kid. honestly, though, how did it make it to the theaters?
detox week going well so far. no coffees, sodas or teas have been ingested, and i'm going strong with the no junk food decision. it's only been a day. but that's good for me.

this is jamie, personally i would go see the new Exorcist movie. Getting rid of soda is a good thing as i did the same thing a couple of weeks ago
Baby Geniuses II is merely additional proof that Western civilization is going down the crapper even as we speak. Harsh, but it had to be said. Hey, why don't you go see Garden State, if you haven't already? I've heard nothing but glowing reviews.

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