May 12, 2003

i could never really be as artsy as i want to be...

i finished my astronomy exam. i'm not sure how long it took because i don't have a flippin watch. afterwards, i visited carlos, who said that he should have copies of the video from spain for everyone by wednesday. so, i'm really excited about that. apparently it's 4.5 hours long. sheesh. then, i went to see the student art exhibition at bowie. it makes me want to start drawing again. i used to draw a lot when i was in the 8th and 9th grades, but i think i did it because i had few friends and didn't have much better to do.

maybe i should start drawing again. i think i feel like i can't do too many artsy things all at once. i mean, i've got my acting (which i'll do till the day i die), music, writing...i guess i don't want to spread myself out too much. but i wanna do it all. so, i will. ha. once someone described me as "artsy", which caught me off guard, cause i don't really see myself that way. but i think it's cool if others do.

so...what now? i guess i could get started on my spanish essay. it really shouldn't be that hard. then, it's on to studying for history, which shouldn't be too terribly bad either. i don't mind essays so much, which is good considering i'm an english major.

oh, yeah. seeing my aunt on saturday was just great! she's like a completely new person. (fyi: she became a christian in december...on my birthday, to be exact.) she's doing really well, and i can't wait till i get to visit her and spend some real time with her (hopefully the end of this summer). and maybe i can see jennifer then, too. i desperately need to see her, it's been ages.

well, folks, time to do some relaxing before i start some working.
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