May 14, 2003

"you are my sunshine, my only sunshine."

i have that in my head, but not the traditional version. there's this part in a bright eyes song where connor sings it. i think the song's called "the calendar hung itself"...or something. good song, though.

wearing the hot new shirt today. yay! wearing new clothes always makes me feel great. i really am obsessed with clothes. too bad i can't afford to be truly obsessed. sigh.

don't you hate it when you lean on the bathroom counter and water gets on your pants. i usually check before i lean, but i guess my inspection wasn't thorough today. ick. water on my pants.

i think my stomach's a lot finickier than it used to be. not in what i eat, but how much i eat. my appetite has shrunk significantly this semester, i think. i ate 5 pieces of pizza yesterday (granted, that's half a flippin pizza), and my stomach hated me for it. i think it was punching itself to get revenge on me. and i never eat as much at lunch as i used to. i've quit getting deserts, for the most part, in an attempt to be healthier, and i don't eat ice cream any more cause it does a number on my stomach. but i'm craving some ice cream right now, so maybe i'll get some at lunch and just deal with the pain.

time to revise my story. later, cats.
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