May 14, 2003

my spanish paper turned out to be about 5.3 pages. my plan was to write so much crap that carlos will just get bored reading it and give me an a. we'll see if it works, eh? i'm not even reading over it. i'm done. i quit. that's it.

steph found my watch while she was vacuuming. she's the best roommate ever. really, i'm not just saying that.

sons of melchizedek had a pizza party tonight. we all went to the pizza house in abbeville, and it was a blast and a half. we even took a team picture. i love our team, it's a shame that steph and i won't be able to play next year.

i only have one more exam to go: world civ. so, i get to study for that tomorrow. yay.

thursday night a bunch of us are going out for chinese and then to see matrix: reloaded. oh, what fun. so, i have a date with myself to watch the first matrix on thursday after my world civ exam. i've seen it before, but only once, so i don't really have much of a grasp on the whole thing.
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