May 15, 2003

woooooohoooooo!!!! i'm done! i'm going to play my guitar! i'm going to watch the video from the camino i got from carlos this morning! ::sniff::...i'm going to shower! i'm going to eat chinese! i'm going to see matrix: reloaded! i'm going to stop with the exclamation marks!

seriously. we went to the mall yesterday (haywood, like mecca...), and my new favorite store of all time is charlotte russe. i would be so incredibly happy with a wardrobe from there. only the coolest clothes ever. hear that, all you people wondering what to get my for my next birthday? (ahem, giftcertificate, ahem.) so...i'm saving up this summer and raiding that store with deidre next semester. yessssss.

i only had about 3 hrs of sleep last night. how i managed to jump outta bed at 6:45 this morning, i'll never know. but for some reason, i don't wanna sleep. i just wanna veg. and watch the camino video. so, that's where i'll be if'n you need me. see ya, fellas.
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