November 21, 2003

i typed a long blog and it didn't post. ugh. so, here's the basic jist:

- i'm going to asheville tomorrow to shop and meet up with my co-counselor from this summer
- i was going to go to greenville with the guys tomorrow night to see ben's band (that he's not in anymore), but i might just meet up with them on my way back from asheville
- sunday we join the church and then we're going to lunch at pastor rountree's house
- monday is un dia cultural in my spanish class, so we're going to lunch at santa fe, and i'm going to have my car packed so i can just go straight home after that
- monday night i get to see david adedokun and hey mercedes...woo hoo!
- tuesday i'll go shopping for some ingredients for my peruvian dish
- tuesday evening i'm hanging out with the rents before the relatives come on wednesday
- viewing of a christmas story on wednesday night - our family's tradition
- thursday thanksgiving!
- friday or saturday i'll work on my peruvian dish, and maybe i'll do some shopping to visit andrew at his new jorb (express men)
- i think we get to meet clab's boyfriend (finally)

i think that about covers it. tonight's the first bball game of the season. vs. presbyterian college. i'm woot excited. adios for now.
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