November 17, 2003

sb and i are going in front of the congregation next sunday to join the church (well, an associate membership, which means we keep our membership at our home churches). but i'm stoked. john boyte (associate pastor) suggested that i shouldn't wait till fall semester (after spain) because this way they can keep up with me in spain and all.

and i reunited with a family from my easley church, which was bizarre. actually, dale johnson teaches at erskine seminary, and they live across the street from the doc's office. crazy. they have a girl in 6th grade, and i gave her a ride to the barn bc she goes every week. she plays the flute, and i said i'd help her next year. and she likes to act. its like a little me. except she cheerleads. i never did that. but there was a time i wanted to. the time in 6th grade when i rode the bus home and sat in the back while rebecca danelly taught us cheers.

i also saw another easley person i haven't seen in ages: katie gossett. she works at express in the a-town mall. awesome.

and i called mrs. bost, so looks like i'll be singing in church over break once or twice.

i should restring my guitar, but i figure there's no point since i'll be leaving soon. i wish i could take her with me, but it's not very practical. maybe i'll find a music store there where they'll let me play the guitars. or maybe i'll sit in the awesome park that's near my pad and write a novel.

i want to meet mae on wednesday. i'll tell em it's my birthday (almost my birthday) and maybe they'll let me take a picture with them.
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