November 20, 2003

oh yay. i saw days away, mae, rx bandits, and something corporate last night at the roxy in atlanta. and it was so sweet.

days away were pretty cool, but nothing too special.

mae was awesome. their keyboardest looks like he has so much fun. and i knew all of the songs. and they were just so good.

rx bandits were a lot of fun. jamie said they used to be ska. now they're less ska and more reggae/punk/rock. they were a lot of fun. they still have a trombone and saxophone, probably left over from they're ska days, but they're really good. and a lot of their music is political and social lyrically.

i was really surprised with something corporate. i have one of their albums: leaving through the window. they've got a new album out, but i knew most of the songs they played. the lead singer plays the piano, and hauls his own around with him on tour. it's painted beautifully, and he jumps around on it and everything. very energetic. i wonder how he does that night after night. it was dancing music.

so, the 4 hour concert was well worth it. and i get to see hey mercedes on monday. did i mention that?

tonight's the winter ball. oh i love my dress. it doesn't really fit, so i'll have to do some fun alterations, probably with safety pins tonight. and jacob said i could just do some sort of creative writing/vignette style article for it, which is perfect since i'm writing vignette's for an assignment in doc christie's class.

i think laurin's coming to visit this weekend. we'll have to think of some good things to do. or at least some things to do, because we're usually pretty boring.

ok, i've been lazy enough. i've been talking on im and playing on the internet since i got back from class, and it's time to get on the ball.

later, kids.
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