October 04, 2003

"it's girls like you that make me think i'm better off home on a saturday night with all my doors locked up tight. i won't be thinking about you baby.

this isn't high school."

(brand new - "last chance to lose your keys")

i'm in the midst of reading twelfth night again and taking notes for my research paper. luckily it's like my favorite shakespeare play. the plan was to go to the library tonight so i could watch some of the videos for that class, but i changed my mind and decided to stay in to do some work tonight. maybe library tomorrow.

the new hey mercedes album comes out this week. i'm there. i also need to look into getting an mp3 player, or at least start comparing prices.

i bought new blistex at walmart today and then i lost it either in my car or walking into the dorm. stupid.

brand new's playing in atlanta on nov. 3 with hot rod circuit and eisley.
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