September 29, 2003

i've been slack with the blog, but that's because i've been gone all weekend and i've been working hard (or hardly working?) since i got back to school.

first, the retreat: it was just what the doctor ordered. and how perfect that it was held in some of God's most beautiful country in the southeast, the blue ridge mtns. the speaker was really good, the music was great, and the fellowship was fun. but i know what my favorite part was. it was the devotional times each morning. i haven't been that focused in a long time. it was so peaceful, and beautiful. everyone that went was really cool, and i got to know a lot of people better. i want to go to the mountains every weekend.

now i'm back at school, but i think my attitude toward a lot of issues (both personal and not so personal) has improved. now i need to work on spiritually preparing myself for spain. being at erskine, i'm surrounded by christian influence, but it won't be so easy in madrid.

i've got lots of work to do this weekend, so sorry if i'm not too keen on hanging out. but still ask, because i may (and most likely will) need a break.

this friday is courage riley at new brookland. i can't wait.
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