October 03, 2003

blogger's trying to get me to take a 15 minute survey...as if i have 15 extra minutes to spare. piff.

courage riley had their final show tonight at new brookland tavern. it was a great show. they ended with "you'll always remember", a beautiful song, but encored (sp?) with "captains of industry" a quite cool song. man, that adedokun has some stamina in his voice. incredible.

and i saw burns out bright for the first time. pretty good.

jordan was around nbt, so i got to talk with her about life and how hopefully she'll be at clemson next year. sweet.

ew. my hair smells like smoke. but i think i'll wait for the shower till tomorrow because i am oh so tired. i think i'll be in the library for a while tomorrow, in case you were curious. i'm behind (significantly) on watching the videos for shakespeare and i have a nice little pile of work to do.

but now, i just want to collapse.
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