September 24, 2003

oh man i'm tired. fortunately tomorrow there's no contemporary american novel class or women's chorale. and it'll be thursday, which means only one more day till friday.

tonight church was interesting. i forgot how young junior high kids are. the leaders are a couple of 40-somethings. and they're both really great, and the kids love them. i'm glad they remembered that i was coming, because i was afraid they'd be like "what? you're new. and obviously really dumb since you've been held back so many years." kidding, kidding. some of the kids were surprised to hear that i'm in college, though. pastor rountree gave his testimony to the kids and i got to meet him (and he recognized me). and we played a little basketball. girls vs. boys. and the girls totally won. i scored a basket. sweet. i'm sure they could all tell i was nervous out of my mind, but hopefully i'll warm up to them. i'm going to go back next week.

oh man i have alotta work yet to do. story of my life.

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