September 22, 2003

man...i can taste that intramural victory tshirt already. and it tastes like 100% pre-shrunk cotton. mmm...cotton. we won our final game tonight, and playoffs start tomorrow. tonight's game was rough, though, they were quite good. and we get to play them again for championships (probably...maybe i shouldn't count my chickens...).

i'm doing well so far on getting my work done for today. i've got

- 1 page left in the sociology take-home test
- revision to do on my ensayo
- email homework to carlos and finish up the other exercises (which are nearly completed)
- finish chapter in cider house rules
- 1 spanish journal entry
- maybe start reading much ado about nothing, if i've got the time

sound like a lot? well, it might be, but i've been on such a productive streak lately, i can't help but get it all done. too bad i have an sga meeting at 9 to break up my productive hours. but i'm glad i get to go because it makes me feel important.

tomorrow's going to be another full day (actually, my whole week will be full). so, if you see me walking around squinting at the bright sunlight or making strange monosyllabic sounds, it's probably because i've been hermitting (not a word? is now.) myself in my dorm/watkins and not verbally communicating with the outside world for quite some time. ok, so it won't be that bad. and i'm stoked about all the stuff i've got going on this week, climaxing in the ruf retreat this weekend.

oh and i'm so excited because dr. christie invited us over to his house for dinner and a viewing of the movie cider house rules (once we finish...sometime next week). excellent.

time to get to work.
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