August 30, 2003

why haven't i been listening to this great blur album i've had at my disposure? it's really great. glad i decided to pop it in today.

yeah, i know it's 3:45 am. i just got back from greenville a little while ago. man, am i tired. but i have to take advantage of the fact that the rents aren't home and play music loud at night and be rebellious as bethy is, you know. anyhoo, the show tonight was just grand, besides the fact that, towards the end, i had to sit down because i was about to faint (seriously). the working title was better than i expected. (that reminds me, gotta check out their website...and now i've gotta stop the blur so i can listen to twt music from their website.) the band that played before twt was called florez. the lead singer was an amazing guitar player and singer. very impressive. he played without a pick and had a lot of spanish guitar inspired riffs and solos. and the last song they played was mostly in spanish. oh, i loved it. and they're christian. exciting stuff, tonight's show was.

oh, and florez is playing with need to breathe, another very rockin christian band, on september 27 at the handlebar. hopefully i can make it.

you know what's cool? when i meet someone and i'm like "hi, i'm bethy." and they're like "bethy? that's a cool name." that didn't happen tonight, but i was thinking about how it happened at new brookland recently, and it was really cool. i like my name, which i guess is good since i'm stuck with it.

maybe i should go to sleep, since it's 4:15am now...ugh.
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