August 26, 2003

i heard this guy at manifest talking about how eclectic his musical tastes are. and i figured, we could've been kindred spirits. "curse missed opportunities."

i also figured that i could sell that store 6 cds. they only took one. and for $2. woo. so, my plan to basically get a cd for free kinda fell through. but i bought 2 albums anyway. ben lee's hey you, yes you and brand new's deja entendu. i was pleased by both purchases. especially the ben lee song "no room to bleed." very evocative, just like i like 'em. and i was pleasantly surprised that brand new's music wasn't as radio-worthy as their single suggests. so, i'm pleased with my purchases.

then i went to michael's for scrapbooking stuff, target, bed bath, and beyond, tjmax, and old navy. i was looking for a shelf to hang on my dorm room wall. and i want a picture frame to hang on the wall that has multiple spots for pictures. maybe i'll get an unfinished shelf and paint it myself. yay for being crafty. and i want to start on the 'ol camp scrapbook soon. and i just went to tjmax and old navy for the heck of it.

i came home from errands today to a nice surprise: jordan was at my house. we go way back, jordan and me. we hung out here and played the emo game online then went to the courtyard and new brookland. ben walker was playing at new brookland, so i got to see him/them. and i met/hung out with plenty of scene kids. and jordan and i talked about how much we're both "one of the guys," which is why we're never considered as possibilities. hm. but it's fun.

i desperately need to buy a new journal, i filled mine up this summer. i'm about to go crazy-go-nuts.
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