August 24, 2003

this is interesting.

i have ben lee's album breathing tornados, which i recently rediscovered. you know he's with claire danes, one of my dramatic inspirations. anyhoo, think i may buy his new album, hey you, yes you. i saw the video for the song "no room to bleed" on (i've been watching a lot of videos on today), and i really liked the song. the video's a shot of ben's face with different things going on behind him constantly. he's just got such a goofy demeanor and really kind eyes.

i haven't done much today after church this morning. i've just been in a blah mood. don't get me wrong, i'm perfectly happy. i just feel like doing nothing.

this week:
monday - pick up tim at car place
- ben walker radio at new brookland (i've heard good things)
tuesday - eye doctor
wednesday - shopping with nana

and there's the whole packing for college thing i gotta get to...
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