August 12, 2003

chucktown was nice today, even though predicted rain and storms. ha. we beat the system. or the weathermen. whatever. it was a beautiful day at the beach. nice picnic lunch, compliments of subway. then we headed on over to downtown. walked around the battery (saw my $12 million house), had some ben and jerry's, and headed for home. i was impressed that i found my way to folly, back downtown, and out of downtown home. all in all, a good day, except i'm about as red as a lobster. aloe is my friend.

a trip to the zoo, visit with nana, dinner at home, and the show at new brookland is on the docket for tomorrow. i haven't been to the zoo to see the animals in ages. i'm excited. it'll make me feel like a kid again. i remember my brother and i going to zoo camp when we were little. not exactly sure what we did at zoo camp. i hope we played with tigers and swam with polar bears. but i doubt it. how cool would that have been though?

i talked to my aunt tonight, and we're all set to head down to jax on thursday. she was so excited, and i can't wait to see her (and hopefully jennifer). missy only lives 6 blocks from the beach. but, if i go out there, i'm slathering on the sunscreen, let me tell you. slather...that's a good word.

ok, time to finish putting my clothes away. i think the camp-funk's finally out of all of them.
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